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What is a PA?


Dear Patient,

We welcome you to our office.  We appreciate your confidence and trust in our abilities to help you address all of your musculoskeletal ailments. If this is your first visit to the office, please fill out a medical demographics sheet which can be found online or you may request a copy at the front desk. This information helps us learn a little about your medical history and family history which can be very helpful when creating your personalized treatment plan. During your visit you will be asked to provide a basic history and some general information about your problem.  Further diagnostic testing such as X-rays, blood work, or molecular genetic analysis may be required to provide additional information contributing  to your overall treatment plan. We do utilize a Physician Assistant (PA) which will play a significant role in your care. To make the most out of your time and to stay efficient we do incorporate a  system where the Physician Assistant will see all patient follow ups and postoperative visits. The Physician Assistant may also conduct physical exams, order and interpret tests, round in the hospital, and administer injections. Our Physician Assistant is a highly trained medical professional who has obtained not only an undergraduate degree, but also a master’s degree, and is nationally certified.  Our Physician Assistant is also licensed by the Texas Medical Board which is the same governing board that licenses physicians in the state of Texas.  The role of a Physician Assistant is to work directly with the physician in optimizing your treatment plan and outcome. Radiographs, labwork, and test results will still be reviewed by both the Physician Assistant and the physician, however, the physician will ultimately determine the treatment plan.  When the physician is not available, your care may still be provided through the Physician Assistant who will correspond with the physician to determine the best treatment plan for you. The PA will act as an extension of the physician, not as a replacement. We hope you have a pleasant experience with our office and we would like any feedback towards improving patient experience and efficiency.

Thanks for your trust,

J. Michael Bennett MD

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