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Elbow Injuries Specialist

J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA

Orthopaedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist located in Sugar Land, TX & Houston, TX

Having an elbow injury can prevent you from being able to use your arm for everyday tasks, especially if it’s a serious injury. Fortunately, there are several nonsurgical and surgical treatment options available to relieve elbow pain and heal these injuries. J. Michael Bennet, MD, PA provides diagnostic services and treatment for patients in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas who have elbow injuries.

Elbow Injuries Q & A

What are some different types of elbow injuries?

You can injure your elbow if you damage the tendons, ligaments, muscles, or bones that are part of this joint. Some types of elbow injuries include:

  • Tennis elbow that occurs when overuse damages the tendons and muscles in your forearm
  • Distal biceps ruptures occur when you tear the tendon that joins your elbow and biceps muscle
  • Triceps ruptures occur when you tear the tendon that joins the back of your elbow to the back of your upper arm
  • Elbow instability occurs when your elbow joint loosens enough to move out of place with some types of arm movements

What are the symptoms of elbow injuries?

When you have an elbow injury, one of the most common symptoms to experience is pain and soreness, especially when you move this joint in certain ways. Elbow pain might become worse if you try to bend or flex your arm. If you have elbow instability, your elbow joint might pop or slide out of place when you move your arm certain ways. Dr. Bennett will evaluate your symptoms to find the cause of your elbow injury.

How does Dr. Bennett treat elbow injuries?

Dr. Bennett emphasizes trying nonsurgical options for elbow injuries before considering surgical procedures since the latter carries more risks. The kind of treatment he’ll recommend depends on the type of injury you have. Some types of nonsurgical treatment options include:

  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Counterforce brace to provide your elbow with support
  • Physical therapy exercises to improve your strength and flexibility



When do I need surgery for an elbow injury?

Dr. Bennett might recommend surgery if you’ve tried nonsurgical treatments and haven’t found relief or if your elbow injury is severe. If you do need elbow surgery, the exact procedure you’ll need depends on the type of injury you have.

  • Elbow arthroscopy that involves using small instruments and a camera to remove damaged tissue and repair the affected tendon, ligament, or other structure
  • Open surgery that involves making larger incisions to repair more serious elbow injuries
  • Tommy John surgery that involves replacing the ulnar collateral ligament in your elbow with a tendon
  • Tenex Health TX™ procedure that entails the use of ultrasound technology for eliminating damaged tissue

If you need treatment for an elbow injury, please contact J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA to make an appointment.

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