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Why You Should Choose Dr. J. Michael Bennett


Why Choose Dr. Bennett as Your Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Doctor?

Doctor Bennett has many years of experience in treating shoulder, elbow, knee and hand injuries.  In most cases, surgery is not necessary.  Most injuries respond to well to conservative measures such as medication, muscle strengthening, the use of braces and splints and other non-surgical options.  Where surgery is indicated, Dr. Bennett specializes in using minimally invasive and arthroscopic techniques whenever possible.  Using minimally-invasive procedures usually makes it possible to do the surgery on an outpatient basis and reduces the time required for the patient’s return to full activities.

In providing medical care, Dr. Bennett explains all of the options available to a patient.  In most cases, one of those options is doing nothing.  However, some treatment and sometimes surgical treatments are necessary to allow patients to return to their normal daily and athletic activities.  Please visit the patient education section of our website to learn more about various treatments for injuries to the shoulder, elbow, knees and hands.  Dr. Bennett has also included information on choosing a doctor and your right to a second opinion, and he explains pre-surgery and surgical procedures in another series of videos.

Why Choose a Sports Medicine Specialist as your Orthopedic Surgeon?

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a weekend warrior or someone who enjoys a brisk stroll every morning, you can benefit from the unique perspective and specialized training of a sports medicine specialist.

A sports medicine doctor has the training and the experience to develop a treatment strategy for your injury to return you to your full level of activities and the performance of those activities.  If you’re a high school baseball pitcher with a potential professional career, you want a sports medicine specialist to evaluate your shoulder issues.  If you’re a weekend golfer, who wants to continue to play for many years, a sports medicine doctor should be the physician evaluating your elbow pain.  If you’re a retired “mall walker” with osteoarthritis of the knee, you should consult with a sports medicine specialist for a treatment strategy that preserves and enhances your ability to perform the activities that you enjoy.

Please contact our offices if you have any questions or would like an appointment for an evaluation by Dr. Bennett.

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