How Sports Medicine Helps You

If you’ve been injured playing basketball with your friends, running a 5K, doing Crossfit, or during your at-home workout, you need specialized care from a sports medicine physician to help you regain function and get back to the game or activity you love.

In all three of our offices in Houston and Sugar Land, Texas, J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA, offers comprehensive sports medicine services to help treat and prevent injuries that you sustain during sports, physical activity, or exercise. Let’s take a closer look at common sports injuries,  how sports medicine can help you.

Common sports medicine injuries

Sports injuries occur from overuse, an accident, or poor conditioning. Research from the CDC shows that more than 8 million sports-related injuries occur each year. Some of the most common are:

Dislocations and fractures are also common reasons to seek expert care from a sports medicine physician.

How sports medicine helps you

Even if you aren’t a professional athlete, sports medicine can benefit you in many important ways, including:

Injury prevention

Dr. Bennett is a revered orthopedic surgeon and trained for years in sports medicine and arthroscopy. He works closely with several teams and sports franchises. He understands the intricate workings muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones and how you move your body during sports or exercise. He helps you perfect your movements to minimize your risk of getting hurt.


We know that getting back in the game is your goal, so we use a multimodal approach to return you to the activity you love safely. Some of the many methods we use are physical therapy, biologics, orthopedic surgery, and PRP therapy. At each state-of-the-art office, we use the latest and most advanced tools and technology to restore full function to your injured area as quickly as possible.

Enhanced performance

Dr. Bennett and our dedicated team work with you to develop athletic programs customized to suit your unique performance needs and goals while addressing your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We’ll help you build a plan that increases your strength and endurance and perform better overall.

Learn more about our exceptional sports medicine services and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bennett to see how he can help you excel in your sport or activity. Call now or use the online scheduling option to book at your convenience.

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