5 Musculoskeletal Issues That Can be Alleviated With Bone Marrow Stem Cell Injections

Musculoskeletal-related pain affects more than one-third of the world’s adult population. It is a largely disabling, yet not fully understood, health condition, so the pain often goes underdiagnosed and doesn’t get treated. However, there is a way to address a range of musculoskeletal issues: bone marrow stem cell injections.

What are bone marrow stem cell injections?

Bone marrow stem cell injections are a regenerative therapy that accelerates your body’s natural self-healing process, similar to platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It works by taking stem cells from your own body and injecting them into the area of injury. The process is nonsurgical and minimally invasive, with most people having only minimal discomfort and tolerating the treatment very well.

Some patients experience tenderness at the injection site, but this resolves on its own within a few days of the procedure.

5 musculoskeletal issues

Here are five common musculoskeletal issues that can be treated with the help of bone marrow stem cell injections:

Each of these five issues can be further broken down to include conditions such as knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist and hand pain, ankle and foot pain or even spinal pain.

The treatment is capable of addressing a number of conditions that might otherwise go unaddressed, providing a solution for musculoskeletal disease including those that are acute, chronic, traumatic, degenerative, tumoral or congenital. The treatment itself can enhance stability and movement while eliminating associated pain.

Is bone marrow stem cell injection effective?

As with any medical treatment, the effectiveness with bone marrow stem cell injection will depend on your specific case and the degree of your injury. Most people will experience relief with only one treatment, with improvement showing up 2-6 weeks following your treatment, but more complex cases may require additional treatment for full relief.

Along with a decrease in pain, people have also reported increased stability and strength.

Who receives bone marrow stem cell injection treatment?

This treatment can be effective for people of most ages, but as the population ages, musculoskeletal issues are becoming more common, impacting the elderly more often than the younger generations.

It is an appropriate treatment in many cases where other solutions are ineffective or not possible, so it’s gaining popularity within the orthopedic field to help patients find pain relief with the help of their own body’s natural healing process through stem cells.

Contraindications for bone marrow stem cell injection

This treatment may not be appropriate for everyone, however, so be sure to discuss the procedure with Dr. Bennett. Contraindications that may require alternative treatment include:

Is this treatment right for you?

Bone marrow stem cell injections have proven to be a reliable and effective treatment solution for many patients experiencing musculoskeletal issues, which may often result in disabling pain and chronic conditions. To determine whether this treatment is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bennett.

He will evaluate your condition and discuss your specific circumstances to assess your situation and recommend the best course of treatment to help you get the relief you need.

Dr. J. Michael Bennett

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